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O'siyo Nigadawu.  This Contract was sent to us by a special person.  After seeing it, we decided it would be a good thing to post here for all to see.  I, Agasuyeda, encourage you to read this contact carefully and, seriously consider copying this contract and signing it yourself.  It has some very good thoughts in its text.  Thoughts, which we, as Native Americans, should consider.

November is the Month of the American Indian.  This is a time when we, as Native Americans should commit ourselves to our people.  The following contract will give you guide lines. 

1.  I will not drink alcohol or take drugs.
2.  I will learn and preserve my language.
3.  I will stay informed, register to vote, and vote in all elections.
4.  I will encourage successful Indian people and not try to tear them down.
5.  I will not hate other races, because you cannot fight bigotry with bigotry.
6.  I will remember I am a role model for younger Native Americans.
7.  I will respect and honor all tribal elders.
8.  I will obtain the best education possible and make good grades.
9.  I will pass on every bit of culture I know to my children and grand children.
10.  I will support businesses and corporations who support the Indian community.
11.  I will do my part to help Indian-owned business by doing business with Indian-owned business.

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This page updated on November 26, 2005